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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 45772181
Closing Date 29 - Nov - 2021  |  41 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of barrage (in-stream storage structure) across ib river near village kopsinga in sundargarh district of state of odisha including power connectivity, road connectivity, staff quarters with survey, investigation, planning, design and estimate of all components of the project on “epc- turnkey” basis including maintenance for five years or five flood seasons after successful commissioning of the project”.
Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 45926532
Closing Date 17 - Nov - 2021  |  29 Days to go View Tender Details
Consultancy services of employer's engineer for supervision works for earth filling phase-il in selected plots of activation area in dholera special investment region.
Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 45914493
Closing Date 16 - Nov - 2021  |  28 Days to go View Tender Details
Consultancy services of employer’s engineer for supervision works for earth filling phase-ii in selected plots of activation area in dholera special investment region, dholera.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45600519
Closing Date 13 - Nov - 2021  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply av mount,30diax30ht,m8 both side er6151b-102000501002, control transformer er6151b-101101650010, reverse vane impeller, p#2b er6151b-100125101032, o-ring bearing housing, p#33b er6151b-100125101049, deflector p#40 er6151b-100125101050, o ring hp connection er6151b-100601611007, lp hose 25mm id bare hose er6151b-101700501001, kit repair er6151b-100103001046, gland for mech seal, p#17b er6151b-100125101037, pressure guage er6150b-104-285, bearing lock washer, p#69 er6151b-100125101055, cover gasket , p#73 er6151b-100125101056, av mount for pk20 er6151b-102000501003, electrical spare kit for ro 1530 er6151b-132900402003, hp pump discharge manifold er6150b-206438, rubber hose from c/f outlet to hp pump inlet(20/30tpd) er6150b-702201, pulley spa 118 x 3 groove er6150b-205014, module bypass nozzle er6151b-100802302002, permeate male elbow er6151b-100805214201, potention meter er6151b-101102235001, victualic coupling er6150b-00311, oil drain plug, p#19c er6151b-100125101043, prefilter pump er6151b-100125101001, circlip internal, p#18b er6151b-100125101040, motor 415v 6p 7.5 kw sidetb er6151b-100300211131, s.s jubilee clips, 1x , (30 mm to 40 mm) er6150b-501005, cartridge filter elements er6151b-301016, ceramic plunger er6150b-206427, o ring overhauling kit er6150b-206696, nozzleset for filter consist of filterhead,tube,strainer er6150b-302503, coupler for victaulic coupling 1" er6150b-706001, lip seal dt module/groove ring gasket flange/sealing er6150b-100601711001, nitrogen gas cylinder regulator er6150b-104410, deep groove ball bearing er6150b-202318, bearing ring, rotating er6150b-202620, abs service kit er6150b-203005a, valve kit for hp pump er6150b-206102, kit wear parts er6151b-100100103033, kit shaft seal er6151b-100100103066, ho pump seat kit er6151b-100200131901, hop pump valve kit er6151b-100200131902, filter element er6151b-100401002101, connector straight er6151b-100805414003, solenoide valve er6151b-100902101009, level switches for cleaning tank er6151b-101200502011, level switches for permeate tank er6151b-101200502012, hp pump motor pulley 10s er6151b-101900102018, victauling coupling 1/4 er6150b-204912, bearing hp pump er6150b-206110, bearing case shim 1/2 circle er6150b-206414, h.p pump c`case oil er6150b-402101, dt module 4 tpd/ekm subs er6150b-601133, flexible pipe- pu4 er6150b-100802114101, hp pump spacer with coil spring er6150b-206442, valve set er6150b-206602, hp pump discharge manifold er6150b-206638, spacer with coil springs er6150b-206642, compressed air regulator er6151b-100925001001, hp hose raw water/brine 2500l er6151b-101800504002, low pressure seal er6150b-206632, cartridge filter er6150b-301015, pressure gauge for air regulator er6151b-101200102002, e-spare kit ro 30 tpd er6150b-102302, electric spare kit for ro 200 er6150b-102304, quick acting coupling er6150b-204901, taper bush 2517 bore 35 mm er6150b-205113, hp pump female adapter er6150b-206435, plunger rod pin er6150b-206620, module bypass nozzle er6150b-502261, dt module tool kit er6150b-902003, jubilee clip 40mm er6150b-bea01386, pressure switch er6150b-mda01115, hp pump driving belt set er6150b-705003, lp hose (for air line) er6150b-702244, brine r/w hp flexible hose-xl er6150b-702134, membrane solution 44 er6150b-che00083, breather, p#45 er6151b-100125101051, lip seal(i.b.), p#47 er6151b-100125101052, lip seal (o.b.), p#49 er6151b-100125101053, mech seal, p#60 er6151b-100125101054, victualic coupling 1" er6151b-100803116001, pulsation damper er6151b-100210204001, hp pump inlet manifold er6150b-206631, non return valve 3/8"(f) er6150b-100922102001, prefilter / filter pump shaft seal er6150b-202601, oil seal plunger rod er6150b-206119, oil seal crankshaft er6150b-206415, bearing case er6150b-206416, seal kit er6150b-206601, s.s. jubilee clips, 22 mm to 30 mm er6150b-501004, high pressure manifold 3 x 2 arrangement er6150b-502251, disc tube module er6150b-601169, hp pump driving belt set er6150b-705106, flexible tubing pu 9 er6150b-scm01173, kit ignition spare r.o 1530-51000 er6150b-zaza00364, seal booster pump shaft er6150b-zpk00196, shaft seal er6151b-100125101022, hp pump inlet manifold er6150b-206431, oil seal crank case er6150b-206622, adaptor (h.p.pump) er6150b-206635, male adaptor er6150b-206637, pl-4 hose(mtrs) er6150b-503114, o ring cartridge filter housing er6151b-100400401502, groove ring gasket flange er6151b-100601711001, flow switch er6151b-100700405004, smcv valve unit for 3/4' valve er6151b-100900305012, smcv actuator unit er6151b-100900305106, mcb 2 amp er6151b-101100705003, hrc fuse 2 amp er6151b-101101305901, fuse - 6 amps er6151b-101101305903, adaptor for hp discharge ro 1530 er6151b-130802604018, main switch 63amp er6151b-415v-p3-63-ea-svb, pulley spa 250 x 3 groove er6150b-205013, prefilter pumpmotor set of ball bearing er6150b-205302, seal kit for hp pump er6150b-206101, valve kit for hp pump er6150b-206202, hp pump anode plugs er6150b-206497, anode plug(zinc anode) er6150b-206697, ss j
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 45890728
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of all type wall writing, wall painting, holding, flex sheet, multicolor printing and banner
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45914055
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract of afds and afws fitted onboard anflot ships
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 36.85 Million approx. / 3.68 Crore approx.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 45914651
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction work of cement concrete road, reinforcement cement concrete road with tri-mix and box culvert as per various location chart, at. under 14th finance commission grant (year-2019-20), sjmmsvy (udp-88) year-2020-21, manoranjankar scsp grant (year 2012-13 to 2019-20) and vyvsayvera 50% grant (year 2012-13 to 2018-19).
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.72 Million approx. / 47.25 Lakh approx.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 45914658
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction work of asphalt road as per various location chart, at. under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri saheri vikas yojna (udp-88) year 2020-21.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45914749
Closing Date 06 - Nov - 2021  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Refurbishment of office spaces and stores at ins baaz campbell bay.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45758144
Closing Date 02 - Nov - 2021  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of pump service kitea6010b-547965-04, o-ringea6010b-22340138, ctrl card (dcu 41 x card)ea6010b-9960000000, o-ringea6010b-64100, springea6010b-62763, packingea6010b-62013-00, connecting hoseea6010b-1764008-02, o ringea6010b-223406-14, plug for brake with sleeveea6010b-14462, ball bearingea6010b-233213-50, nut for capea6010b-54605702, screwea6010b-2210941-17, seal ringea6010b-61369, 'o' ringea6010b-42151-00, gasketea6010b-521933-01, bowl spindleea6010b-522988-01, seal washerea6010b-526704-01, packingea6010b-8821-00, iner mediate service kitea6010b-589881-02, ball bearingea6010b-9574, screwea6010b-22158513, o ringea6010b-223406-30, seal ringea6010b-223406-40, pinea6010b-222119-10, seal ringea6010b-223521-17, shear-pin couplingea6010b-529207-01, coupling shearea6010b-52920701, rubber ringea6010b-68085-00, washerea6010b-70492, seal ringea6010b-73547-00, glass tubeea6010b-73921-00, `o' ringea6010b-74067-00, ring rubber smallea6010b-38411, seal ringea6010b-519548-01, glassea6010b-519549-01, gasketea6010b-543662-02, self aligning ball brg. no.2201ea6010b-957400, seal ringea6010b-517671-01, packingea6010b-518470-01, bowl spindleea6010b-522988-02, ball bearing 6202ea6010b-12481, nutea6010b-14466-00, screwea6010b-2212601-06, o-ringea6010b-223402-54, o ringea6010b-223412-54, spring id 9.25mm wire dia 1.14mm,free length 32 mmea6010b-226214-70, seal ringea6010b-38710, worm wheel with pinea6010b-44201091, friction padea6010b-518478-80, shaft worm wheel completeea6010b-53143080, keyea6010b-541405-01, pressure gauge and 2 nd stageea6010b-543054-01, bushingea6010b-5569, seal ring (2390)ea6010b-65201, packingea6010b-190609, sight glassea6010b-526520-01, seal ringea6010b-519550-01, seal ring pressure gaugeea6010b-223431-02, seal ringea6010b-22352117, pad friction complete for brake shoeea6010b-518478-82, rectangular ringea6010b-65235-00, springea6010b-226214-13, lampea6010b-519761-06, ball bearingea6010b-12174, spilt pinea6010b-16434, seal ringea6010b-223401-30, seal ringea6010b-223412-06, seal ringea6010b-223521-14, springea6010b-226214-64, seal lipea6010b-3051621005, washer oil fitting & drain screw (packing)ea6010b-37402-00, sight glassea6010b-517843-01, ring spacingea6010b-518483-01, gasketea6010b-543612-01, loctiteea6010b-544465-02, spring for breakea6010b-62751-00, flow valveea3983b-1766037-04, flow valveea3983b-1766037-05, flow valveea3983b-1766037-08, seal ringea6010b-14238, seal ringea6010b-223401-38, seal ring for coupling pulleyea6010b-223406-03, o ringea6010b-223412-02, seal ringea6010b-223521-11, springea6010b-226214-33, springea6010b-226214-68, pinea6010b-323-00, o ring packingea6010b-3951800, worm wheel 60 c/sea6010b-44201096, impeller for pump with long shaftea6010b-44201517, impeller for pump with short shaftea6010b-44201518, wheel pump ( short shaft)ea6010b-523615-01, seal ringea6010b-64702, round nut skf km5ea6010b-67472-00, screw bufferea6010b-2210947-04, o ringea6010b-223406-35, o ringea6010b-223412-49, seal ringea6010b-223436-17, seal ringea6010b-223521-12, seal ringea6010b-30675, o ring rub3034-71 dia8.6x391.4 mmart3909900d260172ea6010b-39099-00, worm wheelea6010b-44201090, worm wheelea6010b-515799-02, impellerea6010b-523613-01, bushingea6010b-526692-02, shaft of worm wheelea6010b-526752-81, coupling pulley completeea6010b-527766-80, wear gasketea6010b-535743-02, o rinmgea6010b-70940-00, cap upperea6010b-71126-00, o ringea6010b-223406-20, screw stopea6010b-2211725-06, o-ringea6010b-223403-16, cap seal protectingea6010b-223408-04, sight glassea6010b-32641-00, o-ringea6010b-33336, springea6010b-33355-00, sight glassea6010b-37166, valve coneea6010b-523673-01, worm wheel shaftea6010b-526690-81, ring joint rulen gasketea6010b-535743-04, glass tubeea6010b-540223-01, major service kityea6010b-546670-04, spring washerea6010b-62094, bufferea6010b-62762, o ring rub3034-71dia6.3x124.7artno69270drg260124ea6010b-69270-00, connector for selenoid valveea3983b-569712-01, flat beltea3983b-260169-51, friction elementea3983b-544060-01, temp sensorea3983b-597256-01, pressure transmitterea3983b-901552305, control card (dcu 41 x card)ea3983b-9960000000, rubber bufferea6010b-543619-80, ball bearingea6010b-548051-05, cap lowerea6010b-71125-00, o ringea6010b-61369-00, packingea6010b-62013, seal ring 444202330ea6010b-11905-00, hight adjusting ring for mopx306ea6010b-519607-03, worm wheelea6010b-526723-85, flow valveea6010b-1766037-08, major service kitea6010b-558843-01, gear wheelea6010b-33072, gear wheelea6010b-33071, flow valveea6010b-1766037-05, flow valveea6010b-1766037-04, belt tightnerea6010b-545856-80, wormea6010b-518441-09, service kit for pumpea6010b-547965-03, intermediate service kitea6010b-558842-01, rectangular ringea6010b-223436-02, impeller for pump with short shaftea6010b-44201518, impellerea6010b-523613-01, rubber ringea6010b-64101, screwea6010b-8341, packingea6010b-8392-00, brake spindleea6010b-14463-00, springea6010b-14464-00, handleea6010b-14465, tube pinea6010b-22211914, interactive washerea6010b-62761
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