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Sector abcNon ClassifiedTender ValueN.A.
LocationAndaman And Nicobar - India Ref.No50131382
Closing Date18 - Jul - 2022
Procurement of distributor iso electro pneumatic/spring es6031d-7690409000, bush valve gear es6031d-2702004000, fresh water temp. sensor (rtd) es6031d-7651320000, temperature sensor ek3010b-7651330000, bearing es6031d-7602461000, relay es6031d-7690406000, set of spares for air valve and actuator es6031d-7642126000, gal vanic insulator es6031d-7690413000, engine controller es6031d-7690919000, svae overspeed card es6031d-7690901000, o ring es6031d-7602466000, distributor iso electro pneumatic/electric es6031d-7690408000, solenoid valve es6031d-7690411000, o ring an26, 60c7 es6031d-7606402000, bearing es6031d-7602467000, con,rod assly. (straight cut) es6031d-2709050000, lt pump assly cw es6031d-7601560000, o ring an21 nse 6.5 60c7 es6031d-7916152000, set of seal for gali starter es6031d-7600935000, injector assly es6031d-7606450000, joint type c with limiter es6031d-7607603000, temperature regulator (fresh water es6031d-7690921000, joint,dia 184x240xep.2 es6031d-7426506000, flex hose es6031d-7600674000, rtd input field module type 170aai52040+slave 170fnti11001 es6031d-7690174000, o ring for glacier filter gf600-11 es6031d-7942150000, pneumatic distributor pneu/pneu es6031d-ex00300103, pr switch type 4140c-19 bar es6031d-7552514000, gasket es6031d-7249457000, release spring es6031d-7255242000, tappet es6031d-7903331000, copper washer(24x32) es6031d-5050828000, copper washer (48x55) es6031d-5050846000, copper washer es6031d-5050808000, gasket es6031d-7448821000, loctite 270 es6031d-7900132000, pressure guage with glycerine, i/p-0-10 bar es6031d-ex01300103, sensor md2r-ck-80-18x1.5-90-18.f2d es6031d-7532006000, loctite 641 es6031d-7901620000, sensor md2r-ck-80-18x1.5-90-0.6-f2c es6031d-7532004000, sheathed injection pipe es6031d-7910101000, viton oil seal(15x30x10) es6031d-7916150000, filter es6031d-ex00800103, o ring es6031d-7914913000, copper washer (12x16) es6031d-5050809000, gasket ring es6031d-7248829000, oil seal (190x160x15) es6031d-7250311000, injector pump pin es6031d-7426018000, loctite 518 es6031d-7506835000, pressure regulator es6031d-ex14500102, copper joint es6031d-5050817000, friction disc gr 2 es6031d-7250316000, dunb bushes 25-25 du es6031d-7905319000, analog indicator, 0-150deg, i/p4-20ma, 72 es6031d-e409306042, copper washer(60x68) es6031d-5050851000, overspeed pressure switch-15 bar es6031d-a625324, pneumatic switch for local/remote operation es6031d-ex14400102, pressure gauge 0-40 bar es6031d-30669250, set of gasket-moatti fuel filter hyd. motor es6031d-7446910000, pressure regulating valve es6031d-7460540000, half clamping collar es6031d-7903186000, loctite 307 es6031d-7911612000, locking plate es6031d-7248827000, angular contact bearing es6031d-7255232000, spcial nut es6031d-7903318000, sensor ref 19127sc es6031d-7448001000, gasket es6031d-7449157000, o-ring ann74 nse 6.5 60c7 es6031d-7906819000, copper washer es6031d-5050831000, locking disc es6031d-7248826000, gasket ring es6031d-7248835000, press plate es6031d-7250315000, external roto 5-8 hole 3 by 4 bsp es6031d-7255240000, fuel rack sensor 19121 es6031d-7440402000, analog indicator, 72x72, 0-40bar, i/p4-20m es6031d-e408706042, centre plate es6031d-7250329000, floating plate es6031d-7250330000, o' ring d=8,21a7,l 12cm es6031d-7446602000, sealing ring an 13 60c7 es6031d-7902948000, joint es6031d-7232813000, nitrile cord d7 1123l es6031d-7903626000, o ring,an21,60c7,nse 6.5 es6031d-7910303000, air tube es6031d-7250317000, o ring no 87 21a7 es6031d-7411503000, full flow element es6031d-7441997000, gasket es6031d-7448713000, snap ring es6031d-7902905000, flexible joint es6031d-7907807000, analog indicator, 72x72, 0-bar, i/p4-20ma es6031d-e409006042, solenoid valve es6031d-ex13200102, tc speed sensor es6031d-7607175000, exhaust temperature sensor es6031d-7605903000, connecting rod temperature sensor es6031d-7600702000, loctite 480 ek3010b-7602542000, hexagon bolt es6031d-513022, lock washer pair es6031d-513024, o ring fuel pipe es6031d-7607917000.
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